We don’t claim to have invented the process of optimizing a website to be more visible to search engines. We don’t even claim to use any secrets or witchcraft to do it. We just follow a process that works. Even as SEO changes, as Google adjusts and readjusts, the core elements of what we do remains basically the same. Content is king. As we focus our efforts on a well-rounded content marketing strategy, a core element continues to be search engine optimization.

search-graphicHere are the steps in our SEO process:

  1. We start with gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business.
  2. We then go through a detailed keyword research process.
  3. Once keywords are defined, we match up the keyword phrases with the most relevant pages on your website (or we recommend creating new pages, if necessary).
  4. Writing relevant AND search engine-friendly content is next.
  5. Effective back-end code is also very important for search engines and people.
  6. Your site’s internal linking structure is also essential in telling the search engines about the content of your site.
  7. Besides just the linking structure, there are many other internal elements that we address on your site.
  8. We then address several external components related to your website.
  9. In most cases, we don’t stop after the initial optimization process; we continue to improve, build upon and expand your visibility to the search engines through blogging, creating white papers, writing articles and constantly evaluating what’s working and what’s not.
  10. Social media is also playing a more valuable role in search results, so “social” becomes an ongoing component of the process.

Some may call us SEO experts, but we consider ourselves ever-evolving SEO enthusiasts. The landscape is always changing, so we’re always learning and growing and bringing that knowledge straight back to our clients.

How can we help you generate more leads for your business?

Photo Credit: Pixeled79 via Compfight cc