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Stop Selling. Start Helping. [WooConf Presentation]

Stop Selling. Start Helping. [WooConf 2016] I was honored to speak at WooConf in April, 2016. It was a great format – similar to TED’s 18-minute rule – where nearly every session was limited to 12 minutes. It’s a great way to narrow down a concept to just its essential points. I hope you’ll take […]

Marketing Is All About Being Human

Marketing Is All About Being Human When it comes to marketing, we usually think too much. Marketing is basically about being human. It’s about telling stories, being humble, and being relevant. Don’t think too much about it; just go out and be human. Want More Monday Mornings with Matt? “Monday Mornings with Matt the Marketing […]

Positioning Yourself as the Expert

Positioning Yourself as the Expert Do you have a hobby or passion? I’m talking outside of work. Do you love tinkering with old cars? Are you a competitive mountain biker? Do you spend your free time scuba diving or ballroom dancing? What do you do to learn more about this passion? How do you get better? […]

Lessons from a Spartan Race [VIDEO]

Business Lessons from a Spartan Race So, I ran a Spartan Race yesterday and came away with three lessons related to business and life. #1: You have to take risks. #2: You need a great team behind you. #3: You need to have goals in order to know where you’re headed.   Want More Monday […]

3 Ways to Ensure Your Business Blog Connects

3 Ways to Ensure Your Business Blog Connects with Your Audience Are you concerned your business blog might not be 100 percent relevant to your audience? Do you struggle to position your blog as a genuine resource in your market? In this article, I’m going to share three ways to ensure your business blog connects with […]

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If you’re looking for a content marketing company – whether you’re in Stow, Ohio, or Stowe, Vermont, or anywhere else in the U.S. – you’ve come to the right place. JoltCMS is focused on helping owners use the web to grow their business. We do this through content marketing, website design and development, search engine optimization, and social media management.

Our primary goal is to help produce three things for our clients: more leads, more engagement, and more sales